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Hawt Sex [entries|friends|calendar]
Hawt Sex

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[11thJanuary2006 -- 11:11pm]



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X-POSTED [3rdSeptember2004 -- 2:07pm]

just two pics for you. Nothing dirty… ish slight nudity!

black bra s make me feel sexyCollapse )
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[25thAugust2004 -- 2:30am]



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[22ndAugust2004 -- 10:58pm]

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[22ndAugust2004 -- 5:05pm]


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shameless promotion [22ndAugust2004 -- 2:58am]


._get vindicated_.
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HAWTSEX [18thAugust2004 -- 6:46pm]


ErrCollapse )

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leaving </3 [17thAugust2004 -- 4:29pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Sorry guys, but I haven't been active & I've been too busy for communities. It's been fun & thanks for the people who voted on me.. a long time ago, hah. Have fun and stay cool kids <33

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.[hawtsex for you ]. [13thAugust2004 -- 11:29am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Smokin' like BBQ sauceCollapse )

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[6thAugust2004 -- 5:25pm]


this community is SO SAD. lets have teamwork, and EVERYONE GO PROMOTE. please.  anyways, i hate text only posts.

so here you go Collapse )

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bleh [31stJuly2004 -- 3:20pm]
well sory i suck. havent updated in forever. its summer. and my computer sucks. thats my only excuse. but anyways, here are some pictures i took not too long ago. i am such a wannabe fetish model. lol. i so need a hot girl to take pictures of cause this timer thing doesnt work all the time...=/

wannabe fetish whoringCollapse )
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[16thJuly2004 -- 4:51pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Hi. I switched journal names!!!@$$^ It is cynical_soulx

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[11thJuly2004 -- 10:44pm]

this community is sad =(
so that means i am going to promote promote promote!!

ps inside_your_eye- your icon arouses me, haha. go get the new Vogue with Kirsten Dunst on the cover, it has some excellent pictures of Jake in it. its weird that shes on the cover and that he's in it too, since their dating and all.
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[11thJuly2004 -- 7:54am]

[ mood | depressed ]

I'm very sad ... are we dead?

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[9thJuly2004 -- 5:51am]

Hey guys

I hate to say it, but I think I'm going to get out of the raiting comm scene...

It's been great guys! Keep up the good work! Love you all!
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[5thJuly2004 -- 3:22pm]

I just got out of the hospital, Im not sure If Ill be on that much for awhile. But I wanted to let you know, just in case I dont get there fast to vote, or even vote. I love you all

xoxo -Danni
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stamped or not stamped.. that is the question. [5thJuly2004 -- 12:54pm]

i am confused. its been awhile now since i applied and i got good results in the voting. can a mod please tell me im in now or what?
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[27thJune2004 -- 6:52pm]



hawtsexCollapse )

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[24thJune2004 -- 8:44pm]

[ mood | numb, throbbing &uncomfortable ]

okay-- i'm in the process of filling this out but it might take me a little longer than for someone else. this morning (6-24)i had surgery to remove infected scars that the people were worried about, so now i can only type so much before my hand/arm cramps up and hurts really bad... so i'm in the process... i'll try to get it done as quickly as possible. please don't hold it against me.hawtsexCollapse )

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[21stJune2004 -- 10:30pm]

pics of me..againCollapse )
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